Chris Homer

Managing Director
Hi, I've been in IT for nearly 20 years, both as a technician and now as a consultant and strategist. I love working with computers just as much as the day I started, with an enthusiasm for positive and progressive change in anything IT.

Liam Noone

Regional Technical Manager
I have worked providing IT support specifically within the education for over 10 years now. Working within this sector is especially rewarding and staff are always extremely grateful and friendly. In my spare time I love spending time in the outdoors hiking and doing a wide range of activities.

Hannah Homer


Adam Hughes

Second Line IT Support Technician
While I’m relatively new to the Savvy team, I’ve provided over 7+ years of IT support in the education sector – much of this being focused on the advancement of mobile devices such as iPads being at the core of the student’s lessons.

Adam Smith

Second Line IT Support Technician
I have 5 years of experience in the IT industry, with some experience in both the retail and education sectors. I am passionate about cybersecurity, and enjoy spending my free time playing tabletop games, and caring for my tarantulas.

Andy Gardner

Second Line IT Support Technician
I've been working for Savvy IT for over 2 years and have over 16 years of experience working in IT in both the corporate and education sectors. I enjoy playing guitar, messing with and repairing old computers and spending time with my family.

Courtenay Fitch

First Line IT Support Technician
I’ve worked in the industry and with Savvy for 1 year, having previously worked in the care sector for 5 years. I love reading, science, and spending time in nature, as well as always trying to learn more about the IT industry

Daisy York

IT Support Technician
Since joining Savvy one year ago, I continue to expand my knowledge in the IT industry. In my spare time I love to travel, exploring new cities and places around the world. I also enjoy crocheting and spending time with animals.

Daniel Donnell

Second Line IT Support Technician
Starting as an IT apprentice, I have dedicated over 7+ years to serving the education sector by proficiently managing IT systems, providing support, and implementing innovative solutions. My passion for personal growth is matched only by my enthusiasm for learning, particularly in areas such as Science, IT, and Music.

Jade Hunt

Second Line IT Support Technician
I've worked in the IT industry for 8+ years supporting both the Corporate and Education sectors. I love psychology, art, music and maths, and spend my spare time with creative projects or playing video games.

Kajuson Sivathayalan

Second Line IT Support Technician
Hi, I’m Kaju! I have worked in IT for almost 5 years, in both EPOS and Education sectors. I joined Savvy IT over a year ago and I have learned a lot during my time here and have further developed my skillset. In my spare time I enjoy reading comic books, watching action, or Sci-fi movies and going to the cinema with my friends.

Kalum Pepperday

Second/Third Line Cloud Engineer
I have been working in IT for 9 Years in multiple roles and settings, and have worked for Savvy IT for 3 Years. I have always had an interest in Computers from a young age, I enjoy exploring new places and consider myself a bit of a car enthusiast

Matt Pearson

Second Line IT Support Technician
I've worked within the IT industry for 7 years, the last four within education. In my free time I enjoy playing video games, going to the gym and cycling.

Sam Newby

Senior IT Support Technician
I've worked at Savvy IT for 7 years, providing support to all of our clients. In my spare time I love eating cheese and listening to music.

Serena Bansei

Second Line IT Support Technician