Our industry is going through quite a wave of innovation and it’s being powered by a phenomenon which is referred to as the cloud.

Savvy IT is proud to be helping more and more organisations realise the benefits of a cloud infrastructure. Providing migrations of legacy systems such as Active Directory to the modern cloud-based systems of today. We have developed a speciality in seamlessly transitioning users, devices, and files into a more sustainable and future-proof solution.

What Can The Cloud Do For You?

Cost Savings

Benefit from significantly lower maintenance, hardware acquisition, and electricity costs by swapping your server cabinet for a managed online solution.


Automatic patches and tight security controls by cloud providers makes keeping on top of security a hassle-free experience, keeping your data and users protected from digital threats.


Take advantage of a 99.99% uptime so you’re never locked out of achieving your goals.

Our Cloud Migration Process

With our cloud migration service we add all your laptops and desktops to a cloud-based device management system like Microsoft Azure. This means taking in any devices, creating backups, and joining them to the new system. Your servers are also decommissioned in favour of a much smaller computer with an extremely reduced workload, as most of its tasks are performed in the cloud.

Storage that was previously on the server is moved over to a Sharepoint that can be synced with each laptop, storing it off site and allowing you to access it when out of school. Account’s storage such as documents and photos are also backed up automatically via Onedrive, meaning they’re safe in the event of a server or computer issue.

When it’s time to collect your device all the setup will be complete for you, and you should hardly notice a difference in day to day activities.